With his first criminal conviction at the age of 11, Wallo267
went on to spend five years in and out of the juvenile
system. By the time he reached 17 the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections identified him as inmate #DG-2670. While serving his time he realized he was in prison for being someone he really wasn’t. From that moment on he started embracing his individualism. As Wallo267 would say “he wasn’t in jail he was Yale, he wasn’t in prison he was in Princeton, he wasn’t in the State Penn he was in Penn State”. He ran into a cell phone as his sentence was coming to an end, that cell phone helped him see that the world was bigger than the streets that once dictated his every move. At the age of 37, he walked out of prison February 18th, 2017 after serving twenty years for multiple armed robberies and firearm violations.

Fast forward to now, Wallo267 started his journey with no
resources or capital. He has found his purpose inspiring the world through his Instagram page. Averaging over 2 million impressions a week, he is most known for his viral videos titled “Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late” and “It Cost Too Much To Be A Criminal”. As a social media game-changer, he will make you think, laugh, and cry. Wallo267 has gained the attention of professional athletes, hip-hop artists, influencers and Shark Tank’s Daymon John giving him the title Street Shark. Wallo267 owned his own thoughts and is consistently pushing people to believe in his motto “No One Can Stop You But You”.


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