Wallace Peeples aka Wallo267; the social media powerhouse and mega influencer known for his raw and gritty style has been captivating audiences on social media and in person for the past 2 years. Wallo’s content is seen over 5.5 million times weekly on Instagram and in this short period, he has grown his audience organically to over 350,000 followers and counting.

What makes Wallo so unique is that he has mastered the art of marketing and influence even after spending 20 years of his life in prison. However, if you ask Wallo he’ll tell you “I wasn’t in jail, I was in Yale. I wasn’t in prison, I was in Princeton. I wasn’t in the state penn, I was in Penn State”

Damon John; FUBU founder and investor on ABC’s Shark Tank says “My man @Wallo267 turned his life around and went from rock bottom to motivating others to do the same.’” Syndicated FOX talk show host Quincy Harris said “This guy is nothing but positivity.” Journalist; Helen Ubinas of the Philadelphia Inquirer says “A little advice to everyone trying to build a brand: Skip the meetings, workshops, and revolving know-it-all experts and go straight to Wallo267.”

To book Wallace for speaking engagements and (or) campaigns, send all inquiries with the details of your request to wheres267@gmail.com

“No One Can Stop You But You”.